1. Various Saving Modes: This app very well can assume the option of saving videos in different sizes and various resolutions and hence you can attain the access of saving them as per your selection on your device.

  2. Advantages: Vidmate is extremely useful as it provides you all of the search report at one particular place and thus improves your time of saving method on the internet.

  3. Videos of HD: Plenty of videos can be very easily downloaded in 1080p resolution straightly on to your PC by operating this app.

  4. Hunting work made easier: This Vidmate app is well optimized with several options of searching and also obtains 11 categories in it.

  5. Free of ADS: As every user gets irritated with ADS, this app is fully free of Ads in it and satisfy all of the users needs

  6. Audio Saving Provision: Various kinds of videos are fully transformed into audio files and this when you save them you can immediately save a video as an audio as per your choice.

  7. Audio Format: All Audio files can be saved in multiple audio formats as MP3 and M4A.

  8. Inspiring Design: Vidmate is well outlined with beautiful design and attractive look in it and is made quite easy

  9. Option of Pause and Resume: The app acquires the option of pausing and resuming your downloads as and when required.

Download Vidmate For PC Now - https://vidmate.tube/
Finally, to obtain the installation of this Vidmate for PC you need to check in to the app store of 9 Apps store and obtain the instant download of unlimited videos from various other sources without any worries.